Side Street Mixer – April

Last Thursday of each month

The music social for DJs, musicians, and friends.

Thursday 25th of April 17:00 – 23:00

Our Monthly meet-up for DJs, producers and the music industry adjacent – Head to Side Street Studio on the last Thursday of every month to talk shop, make connections and go back-to-back in a 2 hour Open-Deck session.

Brought together by Manchester DJs + Side Street Studio.

A little bit about Manchester DJs.

Manchester is 2nd only to London as a major music economy within the UK. However, its rapid growth & amalgamation of new cultural influences can help Manchester not only take 1st place but achieve something far greater.

As a social enterprise, we’ve set our sights on helping Manchester become the electronic music capital of the world.

We’re not a collective, we’re not an agency and we’re not an events company; we’re a community of DJs across Manchester consisting of all genres, levels, and backgrounds.

We’re helping build the infrastructure necessary to help DJs network, assimilate & improve their skills, collectively creating the best talent the world has to offer. As well as creating a platform online to enable these benefits, we’re also looking to partner up with venues to provide opportunities for DJs to connect & perform outside the established practices we see today; this is the only way the industry can grow & evolve out of an otherwise saturated market. To allow these new influences to build foundations, we need to give all DJs a chance. No more gate-keeping; let’s provide opportunities for all.

Want to join in on the Open Deck Session, but you’re not sure what our vibe is? Check out our in-house playlists, curated by the SSS team, on Spotify